Come, Ye Thankful People, Come


So begins a beloved hymn, one that Mike and I sang this fall with the Stetson Choral Union, and my eyes would well up every time we reached, God our maker, doth provide / For our wants to be supplied.
Even though I live the reality of God’s gracious provision each day, I struggle to believe that God will supply for tomorrow. I must remind myself often that God’s grace has been and will be more than sufficient for “the next thing.” The latest “next thing” is a new leg of our journey–actually two legs!–for which I ask your prayers, please. The first involves sharing the “Mike Marathon” story via this website; the second, our finances. Please join us in praying that God will be glorified and that many people will grow in faith as they read of God’s great faithfulness to us here.

Would you pray for to reach a new circle of people who might support us with their prayers and checks? Money is an awkward, difficult topic to raise among friends and family. Immanuel will no longer be contributing to Mike’s income, so the elders have agreed to allow a season of fundraising for our long term needs, organized by a financially credentialed and experienced member of the church, John Warren. The money raised will go into a charitable foundation, and we will receive a portion of those funds annually.  Read an explanation here.

In addition, would you pray for us in these areas?

  • For Mike’s daily work with his helpers to be fruitful toward recovery, for his ongoing struggle with pain and pain perception, and that Mike could grow in independence. Please pray for his many wants to be supplied.
  • For wisdom for and blessings upon Mike’s many helpers, including Carlos, who recently began as Mike’s daily morning helper. All of them bless Mike with their various skills, and this fall, Mike has had the special gifts of auditing Dave Briones’ hermeneutics class at Reformation Bible College and singing with the Stetson Choral Union. Please pray for the helpers’ wants to be supplied.
  • For our children:  Maddie’s continued work with Reformed University Fellowship (watch this!) and Luke’s and Lydia’s final year of college, for their wants to be supplied.
  • For the pray-ers–you!–to persevere in your invisible but incalculably valuable and powerful work, and for your wants to be supplied.
  • For the Lord to restore Mike’s knowledge and memory, and for his full and complete recovery.

The final verse of Come, Ye Thankful People, Come references Christ’s second coming, where our ultimate hope rests. As the weeks and months pass and Mike’s progress inches forward, it’s so good to remember that our hope is not and has never been in what our eyes perceive, but  always and only on Christ alone:  his past death and resurrection, his present rule and reign with the Father, and his future coming.

Even so, Lord, quickly come / To Thy final harvest home;
Gather Thou Thy people in / Free from sorrow, free from sin:
There, forever purified / In Thy presence to abide;
Come with all Thine angels come / Raise the glorious harvest home.

Happy Thanksgiving from all the Francises!  May today’s harvest feasting cause us to lift our eyes and hearts to the the ultimate harvest feast,

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